Natural Antacid Foods and Drinks: How to Make Home-Made Antacids

Are heartburns troubling you? Well, you are not all alone. Research shows that about 15 million people suffer from heartburn symptoms each week. Even though most people settle for the over-the-counter prescriptions, it is more reliable and economical to incorporate foods that contain natural antacids into your daily diet.

Antacids help ward off one’s stomach acidity. They act in two major ways;

  • Help neutralize the acids produced in the stomach
  • They inhibit the production of harmful acids from the stomach cells

The stomach acids are vital for the digestion process though they can at times result in gastritis (inflammation of the stomach’s lining)and heartburns. A vast majority of the people suffer from heartburn symptoms after consuming spicy foods, taking excessive alcohol or coffee, or even tea. Some may have a feel of single episodes of heartburn symptoms though chronic heartburn symptoms may render life pretty miserable.

Natural Antacid Foods and Drinks

Just as pharmacologically prepared antacids, lifestyle changes, and weight loss, natural home-made remedies prove to be similarly effective in curbing heartburns. Natural antacids do not hold any side effects as compared to the commercially prepared antacids. Ideally, they are nothing but a select of some of the foods we eat:


  • Almonds: – They constitute oil that helps neutralize stomach acids. Indulge in eating 4 to 8 almonds after having your meals, or have them as part of your snacks.
  • Bananas: – Help in the management of excessive stomach acidity. Also, they coat the stomach’s lining reducing inflammation. Ripe bananas hold remarkable benefits in relieving acute heartburn symptoms.
  • Milk: – It is a powerful antacid that helps reduce the production of stomach acids. Milk is a good source of calcium which is a primary component in the commercially prepared antacids. Milk coats the stomach lining, thus reducing inflammation, and curbs hyper-acidity.
  • Carrot juice: – When carrot juice is blended along with spinach juice, the blend is highly beneficial in gastritis treatment. In the case that you suffer from chronic heartburns or gastritis, indulge a glassful of the blend each morning.
  • Apples: – They help reduce the stomach’s burning sensation. Ensure that you thoroughly mash | chew an apple’s slice before you swallow.


How to Prepare Home-Made Natural Antacids

You easily can prepare a natural antacid blend to ward off heartburn symptoms. Aside from the typical natural foods listed below are natural antacids that can help relieve stomach pains:

    • Baking soda: – Baking soda tops the list of natural antacids that help ward off heartburns and gastritis. Take a ½ teaspoon of baking soda and stir it thoroughly in a glassful of water. Baking soda holds neutralizing aspects for the stomach’s acids because it constitutes sodium bicarbonate. Thus, baking soda eases discomfort which hails from heartburns. In the case that the heartburn symptoms are acute, ensure that you drink the prepared blend two times a day.


  • A blend of lemon juice, honey, and water: – Take a teaspoon of lemonade, a teaspoon of honey and stir them in a glass of lukewarm water. Have your glass of the blend as soon as you wake up. This blend is a pretty effective natural antacid which helps to curb hyper-acidity.
  • Aloe Vera Juice: – Over the past decades, Aloe Vera’s juice is considered a miracle natural product which helps ward off several health problems. The juice helps to curb hyper-acidity that brings about a burning sensation in the stomach. In the case that you suffer from heartburns or gastritis, ensure that you drink an ounce of Aloe Vera juice each morning.



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