How to use antacids effectively

Antacid is a medication that is use to treat any symptoms that arises from increases in stomach acid, stomach disturbance, heartburn and acid ingestion. This drug is also used to relieve symptoms like constant belching, feelings of discomfort or pressure in your stomach, bloating and any other related symptoms. Simethicone which is one of the constituent in antacids help in breaking up gas bubbles, Aluminum and magnesium work faster in lowering the acidity level in the stomach. Liquid antacid work faster than capsules and tablets antacids this make them the best.

This medication only works on an acid that is already present in the stomach, it doesn’t prevent acid secretion. This drug might be use with any other medication that reduces acid production in stomach. it might be used with i H2 blocker (cimetidine, rantidine and omepraole etc).

If you are on a self medication, carefully read the instruction on your antacid package before you start ingesting the product. Some product look similar with similar brand names, but they have different active ingredient. So be careful, because taking wrong product may harm you. Ask your pharmacist question if you are disturbed about the use of the product.

How to use antacids

This medication is taking by mouth because the target location is the esophagus and stomach. The product should be ingested after meal and at bedtime. It will be preferable if all the direction on the product package is use or as prescribe by your doctor. If you are getting the information wrong, contact your doctor or visit any pharmaceutical store.

If you choose the antacid chewable tablet, chew to particle before ingesting, and then drink a full glass of water of approximately 8 ounces.

If you prefer the liquid form of this medication, shake the bottle of the product thoroughly before ingesting each dose. Ensue you measure the dose, either by medication spoon or cup. Don’t use house hold spoon because it might not be appropriate. Refrigerating of the suspension sometimes improves the flavor. The liquid suspension work best without any other fluid when ingested. You can mix a dose of it with water if you find it good like that.

Some antacids might react negatively with other medication. Some of the medication includes iron, quinolone antibiotics, pazopanib and many more. Discuss with your doctor on how to use your medication so that you don’t mistakenly ingest them with reactive medication. Using an antacid with medication that negatively reactive with antacid can be painful. Severe stomach pain and nausea can arise from such ingestion

In conclusion, if your heartburn related issue remains or get worst after you have been using a product for more than one week or you believe you have a serious medical problem, then seek medical attention. If you are also using a product regularly on daily basis for more than two weeks, you need to visit a doctor because you might be suffering from something different. Ask your doctor whether the medication you are using is the right one to be using.

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