Benefit of using Antacids to relieve heartburn


Add an acid to a base, and you get salt and water in basic chemistry, antacids work on the same principle. They help counteract acid in the stomach. Antacids are known for their ability to reduce the effect of acidity in the stomach. Antacids are used to treat stomach neutralizing gastric hydrochloric acid or inhibit the secretion of acids.


Antacids are known to have been developed by the Sumerians about some 3,500 years ago. They did not come to have developed this wonderful elixir overnight it took years of trials and error. Milk and peppermint are used in combination with some carbonate; Baking powder was known to have been an excellent carbonate that shows the effectiveness of these milk and peppermint.

Even though the Sumerians do not have a basic idea of the work they are doing, their approach to the antacid relief works on almost the same basis as of the contemporary way antacid works.


Yes, It is true we have acids in our stomach but they are there for a good reason .The acids which are in the form of HCL (hydrochloric acids) helps to kill microorganisms that are not wanted in the stomach.

Stomach acids can also be dangerous. Naturally, with the aid of gravity pull down on earth the lower esophageal sphincter (a ring muscle which is between the esophagus and stomach) helps to keep this substance in the stomach.

But there are certain foods such as the onions and tomatoes that weaken this organ. Also, Habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol aid the movement of these acids up and they cause acids to escape, this is what we call acid reflux.

Heartburn is a symptom of gastroesophageal reflux disease. Antacids are elixirs that stop this effect. Chronic heartburn should be treated in hospitals, but mild heartburn can be suppressed with the use of antacids.

When these antacids exhibit their action against acids in the stomach, flatulence occurs. Also, Alginate, when used with antacids, helps to protect the wall lining of the stomach from irritation from the stomach acids.

Antacid counteracts or neutralizes acid in the stomach. There are different forms of antacids from being in their natural form to be in synthetic drugs. Synthetics drugs are known to have side effects, but this natural form has no side effects.

How Antacids help medically

  • Antacids help in neutralizing acids in stomach in frequent cases of indigestion
  • Antacids help to alleviate some distress sensations caused by stomach ulcer and in the duodenum
  • It also contributes to relieve the symptoms of reflux of acids which can cause inflammation of the esophagus and also heartburn

Antacids are known to be composed these major constituents

  • Magnesium trisilicate
  • Aluminium hydroxide
  • Magnesium carbonate

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