Motorcycle Safety Tips: From Helmets to Road Hazards

Houston, Texas is known for its moderate temperatures and breathtaking countryside landscapes, which means that quite a few motorcyclist hit the roadways in the Lone Star State year round. Unfortunately, its popularity with riders that likely contributes to motorcycle related injuries and deaths which seek out to hire a Houston motorcycle injury attorney.

Motorcycle Accidents and Injury Statistics in Texas

According to 2015 statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) , 1887 motorcycle riders suffered incapacitating injuries and 459 ultimately suffered fatal injuries in accidents on Texas roadways. Over half of those who died were not wearing motorcycle safety helmets.

Keep Your Head Straight: Choosing a Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycle laws have been swinging back and forth between being mandatory to being optional. However, helmet-less riders must be age 21 or older and have passed a TXDOT certified motorcycle safety course. Because motorcycle accidents can easily result in head trauma and brain injuries, here are some tips for choosing a reliable helmet.

Make sure the helmet fits well. Any quality motorcycle shop will be able to properly fit you.

Make sure it’s legal. Helmets will be marked with a visible DOT sticker, and these helmets meet all the appropriate safety standards that can save your life.
Choose your style. For maximum crash ratings, experts recommend full-face closed helmets.

Safe Motorcycle Riding Tips from the Texas Department of Public Safety

While Texas is a biker friendly state, the Texas DPS wants to ensure that both vehicle passengers and motorcyclists enjoy road trips and get home safely. Here are some safe riding tips they provide for motorcycle enthusiasts:

  • Don’t Drink and Ride
  • Always Wear Protective Gear
  • Follow Traffic Laws
  • Prioritize Motorcycle Maintenance
  • Take a Motorcycle Safety Course
  • Drive Defensively

Take heed of these statistics, and don’t become one by following these expert tips for safe motorcycle rides in the Lone Star State and beyond.